Sometimes Good Golf Videos Don't Get The Views They Deserve - KEEP GOING

Look, you’re golfers.
You know some rounds of golf don’t get the score they deserve.
Sometimes the luck isn’t with you and it sucks.

But also sometimes you can play crap and everything drops.
You know you didn’t play well but the score impresses others.
Right time right place.

What is important in Golf and YouTube is you keep improving your knowledge.

Knowing, learning, growing after the mistakes is a better learning experience than everything going right.

Of course we would all love everything to be perfect.
But would you even bother playing golf if the ball went in the hole after every shot.

Golf and YouTube are hard.
Take the long road of learning. Keep improving. Enjoy the ride.

Don’t pay any interest in other people’s scores in YouTube Golf.
There’s a decent chance they are cheating at the game and will be hating themselves for doing it.

If they don’t… well they’re not someone you would ever want to golf with anyway.

Don’t Compete - CREATE!!!