YouTube Liason Says Invalid Traffic Is Not A Bug

The invalid traffic bug continues. Another viewer didn't see any ads, even though I have monetization enabled.@YouTubeLiaison @YouTubeCreators is YouTube going to fix this? If you watch this video, I don't tell people to click on ads, etc. But I feel like I'm being penalized??

— Shannon Morse (@Snubs) September 3, 2023

I really really hope they fix this for everyone affected soon.
Unfortunately, this is a bug that allows YT to keep a larger share of the ad revenue the longer it goes on. :(

— Thrumwald 🏳️‍🌈💉😷 🖖🐉 (@luckyace) September 3, 2023

I’ve asked the team to check multiple times and they’ve confirmed it’s not a bug multiple times, but I’m working with them on this as a priority

YouTube also loses the revenue here — advertisers don’t pay out for invalid traffic — so it’s in everyone’s interest to prevent it

— YouTube Liaison (@YouTubeLiaison) September 3, 2023