Where's Everyone At With Merch?

Merch is a head ache for most medium/small creators.
Where are you at with it, do you do it?
Have you had any success?

I believe Merch is great for giveaways.
Good for brand awarness.
But for small channels it’s a waste of time to work out how to profit from it.

There’s yet to be a platform that offers great prices without the hassle.
A platform that takes all the accounting head ache away from merch sales.

Printful is probably the best print on demand site I’ve seen.
But selling £20 hats with the need to account for everything is a ball ache to setup.
Even when it’s linked to Shopify it’s a time sap.

A website that allows you to do it all would be good.
I see tee-spring does it but the cost of products and then shipping is nuts for merch.