When I gamble I expect to lose - Flawed logic

Someone commented on a PNUK video, and I see this statement touted repeatedly on the internet.

“When I gamble I expected to lose. If I win it’s a bonus”

This is the most flawed logic and completely inane. Is losing money fun?! What kind of person expects to lose? Only a loser, that is who.

Mathematically, the house/casino has an edge on you. But it’s not supposed to be a 50%, or even 90% edge. It’s supposed to be MAX 4-8%. Yet who experiences this? No one, as that is not how they operate.

They are supposed to have a slight edge on you with most traditional table games, and slots should average out around 3.5% however some slots have an (supposed) edge of 8%.

If you take all the people who go into the casino on a day, the majority of them should break roughly even.Some should win. Some will lose.

But this is not the case. Just about everyone loses. Casino pays money to people with little else to do to spread misinformation about RTP. Like these people understand maths!!! It is hilarious to be frank. And you have to dig deep into google search to find the truth of how the maths works and real experiences, as the first 10 pages are buried with these shills touting their misinformation.

Check this video. How many people try and claim that live roulette isn’t rigged?! Laughable really. Fact is, people don’t want to believe, and the shills reinforce the fantasies so punters keep playing