Whats Your Plan For Golf Content In The Winter?

Any ideas for Golf content in the winter?

@BazzaGolf has a big issue in Canada :canada:

Has anyone thought of doing Golf reaction videos to other people’s content?

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I usually try to do some equipment reviews during winter time.

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I’m laid up just had my 2nd knee replacement but have plans to star a new channel called Golfnutters Crew with a calibration from a number of others putting content up.

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Good time to do it I guess. Especially before Christmas.

Get well soon Geoff. Best time to be laid up I guess.

Nice one. Will be a great collaboration. The squad just needs to be a little more knowledgable on the game of YouTube.

Tough on a simulator. No jepordy right. But yeah coming up with competitions and forfeits is the way.

All in all. Golf in winter is almost impossible. All you can do is work on your of course skills.
Learn as much about youtube/editing/recording etc.
HUGE views in golf start around the masters. Rick Shiels targets that time for big video realeases.

Look at the humps in views/subs may/jun/jul/aug/sep

Target the summer with content to grow.
If you can get away to hotter places then great.
But if not it’s just a case of learning in the winter and crushing the summer.