Watch out, the shills are coming for Slot Tracker

Seems that slot tracker video is attracting some attention, from those in denial, and the affiliate shills.

This always happens when you start question the gambling industry.

I also noticed slot tracker was bought for €1million by Cherry AB…Do they own Cherry Casino, the one slot tracker is reporting on having over 100% RTP?!

The control panel on there used to work before the acquisition. Now it says “coming soon”…hmmmm, suspect.
This is more evidence that slot tracker, made by one guy in his bedroom, threatened the industry and someone felt the need to buy it so they could control the flow of information.

Slot tracker does work when using it on your own play, this much we can be sure of. However, not too sure I would trust the casino stats on there. More investigation and testing needs to be done by us for sure.

Have you noticed how not one steamer or anyone has ever talked about slot tracker or its existence…The plot thickens.

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hmmmm interesting been silenced.

Cherry AB is twin company of Betsson AB, they control both the Betsson Cherry casinos. Funny how they show such amazing stats on the slot tracker website…

Betsson AB can trace its roots back to 1963, and the foundation of AB Restaurang Rouletter by Bill Lindwall and Rolf Lundström, later renamed Cherryföretagen AB (Cherry)