Vimeo Training And Signup Links

Vimeo Pro Introduction

Vimeo Signup And Training Links.
Help for you to get the most out of your Vimeo Subscription.

Vimeo On Demand Introduction

How To Sell Your Videos On Vimeo with Vimeo On Demand.
A beginner’s tutorial on how to sell your video content today.

Lesson Times:
0:00 Vimeo On Demand Introduction
0:38 Pricing Explained. Sadly It Is Not Free To Do This
2:41 Setup Your Video To Post
4:36 Title And Descriptions Setup
6:47 Schedule Your Video - Live/Pre-Order/Release Date
10:35 Set The Pricing For Your Video - Buy Or Rent
12:54 Add Your Videos - Trailer - Main Content - Bonuses
16:54 Setup Your Sales Page - Customise Look And Feel - Thumbnail, Poster
18:44 Credits - Add Your Cast And Crew
20:24 Ad Promo Codes - Gift The Video To VIPs
22:04 Setup Comments and Social Links
24:37 Customer Buying Example Promo/VIP Code
30:41 Customer Buying Example Paypal Purchase
32:35 Payouts And Analytics Reports
35:00 Conclusion - Signup