The Zoho ONE Experience or HappyMeBusiness?

I’m kind of torn on the name for this website and forum.
I want you to get everything you need out of Zoho hence The Zoho ONE Experience.
My company name and real passion is Happy-Me and for this site HappyMeBusiness.
I really want you to get the most out of your business and be happy doing it.

So should the name change or would the marketers say be very specific?

  • The Zoho ONE Experience
  • HappyMeBusiness

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I would say that if you want to help push business to your Happy Me, then change the routing of your Zoho work to your Happy Me. You should still be able to do everything you are doing with Zoho under the Happy Me banner. Plus it probably is going to help the mental part of work by logging in to work if you are going through your passion.

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