Task Assignment

I am looking to help improve our customer onboarding experience. Currently, we are using Zoho Projects and a template within projects to create several tasks. Some of the tasks that are created by the template need to be assigned to NOT a singular person, but rather a pool or group that has many individuals within it. In this scenario, I have a group of 3rd party contractors that just need to see the tasks come into the pool and then need the ability to go and grab one of the tasks and assign it to themselves to work on. I was playing around with the idea of somehow accomplishing this through using Zoho Connect and how it handles tasks there. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can accomplish my goal before I go off and break anything?

Hmmm. can’t you have a group of tasks open to all and then them pick the ones they want?
Let me have a play around.

@doug.montrose check this out.
On the right track or not? Let me know

Definitely on the right track, I think. My contractors are actually all setup as internal users so I am not too worried about that part. My only challenge is that this one Project template actually creates 39 different tasks and statuses for each task. I only need about 10 of those tasks to be sent off to this group of contractors. I think you may be onto something here, so I will give it a swing tonight and see what I can do.

Awesome glad we on the right path. Report in either way we’ll get there.