Problem with time zones

Hey guys, I have noticed a problem the last couple of days, although I imagine it has been happening for a while now. In the Deals record, we have noticed that anytime someone creates a deal past 7:00 PM (MST) it dates the deal for the next day. I have gone through all my settings that I can think of inside of the CRM settings and everything is set to America MST/Denver time zone. Any other thoughts of what might be causing this?

Let me ask Zoho support. Seems funky.

Ah wasn’t luck enough to get a helpful agent today…
Are you saying in the list view the “created date” is wrong @doug.montrose?
How are they creating the deal. Just typing it in or some sort of automation?

They are just typing it in by hand to create the deal. Where I see the wrong date is in the history section of the deal.