Oktoberfest - Nolimit City - Play Money

Exactly 100 spins at €100. €5k profit. Main bonus never triggered but teased 3 times. Mini bonus hit 2 times.


Do you have slot tracker on too? Works on these

I have not been using it here as I was using Firefox, but I’ll fire up Brave (Chrome based browser) and start using PNUK on there so I can get some nice Slottracker stats for here.

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Yeah be cool If I can get a load more games on here and start getting ranked on SlotTracker haha.

My slottracker console says coming soon. I’m guessing it takes some time to kick in.

I’ve just used it on real money casinos etc, I’ll have a tinker with it using it on PNUK and see what happens.

Can always email them too and ask how it works with reference to this forum’s fun play slots. [email protected]

Ahhh, you don’t need the console, that is a feature they bringing in.

Ah right cool.
Gonna do a video on how to install and use it.
Be good for people to know stuff as they play I think. And it’s a bit funky to install.
Was gonna wait for that to trigger but as its coming soon cool.

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I hit the bonus 1st spin. haha. but it didn’t win bugger all.

I’m using it on PNUK No Limit games and it does not seem to be registering wins. Says I am -€1502 euros (as I’ve done 15x €100 spins) but my balance on the fun mode is €1000 up. So not sure if it works on fun mode. Will update when I work it out.