Mirror 2 Seperate Zoho CRM accounts into one Joint Zoho One account

Hi Paul,

I’m brand new to the Zoho CRM platform. However, I have two partners who use it already. They would like to create a Zoho One account that mirrors the information in each of their individual CRMs. I’ve been given the task to make this happen.

Is it feasible and how would I go about doing it?

By what I can tell from reading some of the old posts in the Zoho CRM help database, it should be possible… but I don’t know if the information I’ve found applies to Zoho One which seems to be pretty new.

Hello @prestojc I can ask the question.

So to be clear they want the original CRMs to continue living.
And then mirror the data in One Zoho ONE CRM?
Or want to migrate them both in?

Correct. They want to mirror the data from the original CRMs where it would continue to live into one Zoho One CRM account.

I think I’ve read somewhere something about Zoho being able to sync stuff on their end to do this… but those posts are like 10 years old.

Let me see if I can give a bit more clarity:

There’s two current users of Zoho CRM: One user has Contacts A and B on their account. The other has Contacts C and D.

I have been given the task to make a Zoho One CRM account which both users will access (on top of their own accounts). It combines both users contacts. Meaning the Zoho One CRM will have Contacts A, B, C, and D.

The reason they’re doing this is because if they choose not to partner anymore, the Zoho One CRM will be canceled, but they’ll still have their original Contacts in their own CRMs.

Does that help?

Also, this was suggested to me as a response to this question in the Zoho help forum. I don’t really think that applies to what I’m trying to do.

To add to the clarity… I found this article in regards to syncing Hubspot with Zoho CRM. I’d imagine if it can be done between two platforms that it can be done within the same platform. I mean, I’ve done similar work between tabs in a traditional spreadsheet… so I’d imagine this is possible.

Hello @prestojc thanks for clarifying.
Like you said this should be achievable but it’s not an easy option.

I emailed partner support to get their definitive answer.

Paul Nicholson
Is is possible to sync 2 different Zoho CRMs with a main Zoho ONE account CRM and all three continue to be used and sync with each other?
7:00:06 PM
hemanth kumar
You can sync only one CRM account to Zoho One
7:01:19 PM
Paul Nicholson
is there no 3rd party integrations to help make it happen. Like the Hubpsot CRM sync?
7:01:50 PM
hemanth kumar
Please be noted that we do not have an option to Link 2 CRM account to Zoho One and there is no alternative option for this

Back to my thoughts.
There will be away to do this via the API but it will be custom work for you to get it working.
I would recommend looking for a Zoho Expert to work with one on one to get this sorted.
Thomas at Mobix is my recommendation. Contact Thomas

Hi Paul,

Not sure what’s going on with Mobix… but the page you linked me to has an form error. I tried connecting to them via their email ( but I got an immediate response from Mail Delivery Subsystem. How would you recommend I connect with them at this point? Want to make sure you get credit as a referral… :slight_smile:

Ah bugger.
Drop Mel and email she will sort you
Don’t worry about my referral just get you sorted.

Thanks for letting me know the error.

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