Majority Slot Streamers Business Model

The majority of slot streamers on the internet are to some extent fake. There are only a few real REAL money steamers.

The majority of streamers, like Classy Beef to Nick Slots, Xposed, Let’s Give It A Spin etc
They have a 2 skew revenue stream. This is how they operate:

They play with house money. They are given €20,000 of house money to play with every xxxx amount of time (depending on the terms they negotiated). Any profit they make on a stream over the initial house money investment, they get to keep 20% of.

This is why you see them doing €10 spins like it is nothing. They need huge hits in order to generate a balance big enough that they can cash out enough profit for their time. So if Classy Beef do a stream, and finish with a balance of €100k, their take home profit is: Calculated as; €100k minus €20K then 20% of the remaining €80k. Which means their actual take home profit is €16,000.

The 2nd skew is their affiliation. You can negotiate different terms depending on how many people you refer. For example, The Bandit, at his height a few years ago, had negotiated on average about 18% of all profit from people who signed up through him. He has openly admitted this on video and in forum.

What this means, at the end of every month, however much money the casino has made after their costs from the people that signed up from his referral, they send him a payment of 18% of that.

1000 people a month, losing on average of £100 after costs means they would send him a payment at the end of the month of £18,000

I hope this gives people some more insight into the slot streamer game.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. The pudding being mamas converted garage or box room they stream from. Winning in the 100Ks would give them more salubrious surroundings from which to peddle their crap.

These guys are directly responsible for addiction.

Literally paid peanuts by the casinos to peddle the myth that slots regularly pay out huge.

If they were regular punters then bankruptcy would invariably ensue after any reasonable amount of time. Who in their right mind does a 50k bonus buy over and over as finitum?!?

Literally being fed casino peanuts to keep the addicts addicted through peddling this nonsense.

None the less, very entertaining to watch. The videos even get my slot juices flowing.

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Spot on. What is crazy though, is the majority of the fans truly believe that they are gambling with real money out their own pocket. And if you are young and impressionable you watch Roshtein doing €20 spins and he hits a 500x (regularly I might add), you think “I can do that”

The stories I’ve heard of people blowing through their Uni loans in the first week…I saw a conversation in the comments on an Xposed stream, and this guy says “Hey, I just blew $20K that my parents gave me for college trying to play blackjack like Cody does. What do you think I should do?”

And the reply which had 100 likes was “Ask to borrow another $20k and double down!”

Funny reply. But point is, these casinos know what they are doing, they are targeting young men who still have good credit, Uni loans and their parents cash reserves.