Importing CSV File Limited to 155 of 455 iPhone Contacts?

Hi Paul,

So, new mission to get this CRM going. We’re just going to start with importing contacts from an iPhone. There’s ~455 contacts that I export to an csv file successfully. However, when I try uploading it to Zoho CRM… it only uploads 155 of those contacts. It seems it’s limiting which ones are uploaded simply due to where the phone number is located in the csv record. Any idea what’s going on? Could it be that the numbers aren’t in a particular format which Zoho is expecting?

I’m attaching a sample of the format of the data.

Paul -

Seems like I might have figured it out. There’s a lot of last names missing. Zoho CRM ignores those entries which don’t have last names. So I’m guessing that’s the problem and not what I had thought yesterday.

I’ll let you know when I finally get this all uploaded!

That was it. I needed to give all the records a last name. It didn’t care about the phone numbers. :slight_smile:

Ah yeah sorry. I just saw this.
Last Name is the field you have to have. All the rest can have missing data.
thanks for posting and the solution. @prestojc