How set up zoho crm for a website

Hello Paul,
I want to setup zoho crm for a website, so as monitor visit and use it for camping.
Any help?

Hello @madujerry
Can you give me a bit more info on what you are trying to achieve specifically and what version on Zoho are you running?


Hello Paul,
What I want to achieve is to set up Zoho CRM, so that I can track all the visitors to my website.
Is it possible to achieve it?

Are you using the free version or paid? @madujerry

I’m using the free version but, can upgrade to premium if it can achieve what I want.

Ah right I don’t think it can be done on the free version.
Deffo on Zoho ONE you can do it via multiple apps.
In particular Zoho SalesIQ is cool.
Have you looked at Zoho ONE?

I have checked Zoho SalesIQ, I think with the proper setup it can achieve that.
Mr. Paul, you are my mentor now. I need to know the premium price of Zoho SalesIQ.
Also, I will need a setup guide from you.