East Coast vs West Coast - Nolimit City - Play Money

Ok, Slottracker is working on this slot…Strange wasn’t working on the Sushi one

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I’ve lost €11k on this haha


whole demo €10k put through it @€100 a spin. That’s the stats.

Now notice that it played a lot nicer when it was with fresh cookies on the demo mode. Now I go back and play it, the server knows it dealt out some nice wins to me and now goes into collect mode. It’s not all roses even in Demo mode, as they have to have some legal representation of true life in demo mode, so they let you win, then they collect. Just like on the casinos. Demo mode was happy mode, now it’s in collect mode. I think this is a fair observation

Will have to clear cookies, swap IP and try again and see if I get the nice win again on it. However computer leaves a fingerprint, so if you really want to look like a fresh “never been here before” player/user, you really need to use a fresh Virtual Machine

Fascinating. I like Happy Mode vs Collect Mode
My stats almost same too.
Screenshot 2021-05-01 at 12.51.13

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Slot tracker dashboard used to work on previous version BTW. No idea why it’s not available anymore. Seems like maybe they’ve sold out. They were a one man team when i started using them. I now see they have casino affiliation and are based in Malta. I still have the old version on another browser, I’ll have to see if that one works. If it does I’ll pack it up and send it over

Cheers. But it’s just a link to the website.
The website doesn’t let me in I guess.

Maybe it’ll work on real money casino, will check it later if it is working on Stake

If you go to the game on the Slot Tracker website, it’s only the PNUK community that is providing the stats for the game. There are not many people out there using slot tracker.

If you look the stats are exactly the same on there as they are on our community stats on the app