East Coast Vs West Coast - Competition

I’m the king of the castle, hahaha

haha yes you are!

Respect to pnuk for promoting fun not doing your bollocks in. Not many of you about, keep up the good work!

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Anybody lower than this on a bonus 10£ a spinn?
West Coast is Othe othe othe othe othe othe shait.

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haha that’s magic

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Yea boy get in there

First bonus in 20k of free money and this is the payout! I can now see why I don’t do slots!


Hey mate love your vids very funny​:grin::grin:

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Thanks @MATTYP

Showing and seeing my partners reaction to me telling her I have just deposited 10000 on a slots priceless, watching her run after me in anger “scary” :laughing:

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haha quality

haha vvideo it next time haha

Great Idea if a comp although I’m crap at most cost west coast :wink: love ya streams n ur xcitement keep it up mate

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I tried but she flew for me, I ran that fast pal Usain bolt would of struggled catching up.
I ran my mums 2 doors down and had to get her to tell my partner I was joking :laughing:


Best I could do, I let it run in background. Still €15k down on the game even after that win. I think it’s safe to say that if you don’t hit a good paying bonus within a hundred spins, you are never going to get your money back let alone profit.

Base game hit - no very forthcoming with any bonuses

Would be better if had the option to bonus buy

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Could I request a withdrawal please Paul

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That’s terrible I’d be proper peed at that

if only lol

Pretty good slot but feel it could do more mate

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