A List Of Golf YouTube Channels In Subscriber, Views, Video Count Order

Let me know if your channel is missing.
PNUK.com forum members will be highlighted too.

Scroll Up for Rankings :point_up_2: Not sure why google brings you to this post :+1:

To get a highlighted channel join the PNUK.tv forum.
Let me know your channel, you’ll get a profile page and be highlighted.
More perks to come too.

AH I probably over cooked the API on the last few channels I added so it crapped out the last 50.
Will fix now so should appear in next hour.

Fixed now you in the top 1000! ONWARDS!!!

Cheers for pointing it out I wouldn’t have noticed :+1:

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I’ve started to Grey out channels that haven’t posted anything 6 months plus.
We want to concentrate on alive channels.
But also show people just how hard it is to get going and keep going.
I’ll max the list out at 1500 channels. The API pull is pretty heavy at that.
When new channels come along I’ll delete the grey channels to find room for them.

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haha no but thanks for telling me I would never notice it.

What do you think of the new color rankings?
I think it begins to show the channels that don’t convert real people.

No interest in Short only channels. They are tik tokers not youtubers.
Grey are dead channels. Shorts only or no video posted in 6 months +

No worries. You should be blue now! Thanks for joining.

Your rankings will have changed for the better.
Active YouTube Golf Channels is the first tab. All golf channels is 2nd.

I filtered out channels with no content over the last 6 months.
Filtered spam channels stealing content.
No interest in Short only channels
And filtered out easy content TV networks, club manufacturers, magazines and computer games.
Let me know any I’ve missed and need to go

Welcome @firefightergolf thanks for joining us Steve!!

And Geoff yah legend @PitchPutt21

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@Jacko joined the forum :+1:


Lester “Bernie” Barnes starts a youtube channel.
849th on day 1. Where will he be in a year?

@lewiswallace bienvenu!
I added you to the members quick subscribe at golf.pnuk.tv
The rankings API pull has maxed for the day check the rankings tomorrow you’ll be on there.
Sorry I missed you! :+1:

Added now @lewiswallace :+1:

Hey thanks @lewiswallace welcome on board.
Been watching some of your videos look great even though I can’t speak french :crazy_face:

Matty @Thealtgolfer sorry I’ve just seen this. You’ll be on there tomorrow :love_you_gesture:
Added now list will update about 1am
Welcome to the forum.

Updated website and link