460 Golf Channel Feedback

@Paul would love you to have a look at my channel! Any criticism and advice very very welcome mate!!!

Nice one fair play for asking for some feedback :+1:

What’s the goal, for feedback, what’s the goal for the channel?
What’a 460Golf stand for?

@Paul I was a coke addict before so I started making the videos as a replacement if I’m honest mate! Sort of like my therapy, I’m passionate about golf and play with my mates every week so just thought it’s a great was to keep my self busy! But I have totally fallen in love with making videos now and would love to keep growing the channel and eventually make it my job :rofl: but my main goal is just to keep clean and on the right path! The 460 was my original Instagram page where I used cannabis to stop cocaine, I became a cannabis influencer but started using cannabis to much so branched off and started 460 golf if that make sense mate

That’s great. Removing one habit for a good habit is definitiely a great idea.

Hell yeah! No reason why you can’t.

Quality. Stay on track so many things in golf that can help you focus on that.

Ah right. Makes sense.

Great info!!! I’ll be back with the feedback soon.

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@Paul honestly mate this made so much sense what ya said! Just sorted out a game with my mates Sunday gonna play 3 6 hole matches and get some more content out a week! Really appreciate the advice mate and can’t wait to try it! I have already filmed next weeks episode but gonna try some new things for the ones after :fire::fire::fire:

Ah glad it helped. Yeah to make it in the youtube golf space you need 3 vlogs a week minimum.
Maybe even one a day to get traction.

Good stuff try to find the story in the filming or the edit.
Maybe try to make up a mini league or smeothing?

Be on the hunt for shorts too. More content the better.